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“The unresolved racial & ethnic polarization in this country could be the greatest root factor that will impact the economy, business growth and the future preservation and growth of individual, generational & corporate wealth in South Africa”.

South Africa is at a point where racial and ethnic relations are at an all-time low. The 2015 report by The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation showed that the levels of racial hate speech, prejudice and discrimination are escalating.

A survey in 2014, by two universities and a local government, found that an increasing number of South Africans – 73 per cent of blacks and 44 per cent of whites believed that the country’s blacks and whites will never trust each other.

The most recent outbreak of racial comments has undoubtedly increased the levels of racial and ethnic polarization in the country to a point where most now believe that this is the biggest risk to the future prosperity of the nation. This prevailing situation will not magically disappear – it has to be intentionally confronted so that sustainable rebuilding can start.

Bringing practical solutions and implementing them

There are many calls for more open dialogue on this issue, but will dialogue and talking alone provide a solution and bring about change? We believe the only form of dialogue that will bring about a lasting and permanent solution is one that will give clear answers to the following questions –

  • Where do the existing racial prejudices come from?
  • Why do the existing racial prejudices continue to grow?
  • What do we need to do change the path of the existing culture of racial prejudice?
  • How do we practically shift personally and nationally from a culture of racial prejudice to one of trust and unity across all races and people groups?

The answers to these questions will allow for practical solutions to be implemented.

Our focus is on getting every organisation we engage with to the point of implementation so that clear change can be seen and return on investment maximized from the engagement.

Workshop Options

The ‘Rebuilding the broken racial & ethnic walls of our nation’ executive workshops comprise of an experiential process we take teams and organisations through will take them through that will empower them to build and implement a proactive strategy to instill a culture that will create trust and unity across race and ethnicity. What we are offering can be the difference between a profitable business and one that goes out of business – a nation that creates a platform to build prosperity for its citizens or one that implodes and becomes a failed state.
The workshop options include a selection of short talks, 1 day, 2 day and 3 day engagements some of which include experiential trips to the Apartheid Museum. Please download the list and descriptions of the options standard options available.