Rebuilding Africa

  • Why does Africa, a continent with so much natural resource continue to struggle to create wealth for its people and eradicate systemic poverty?
  • Why does Africa, a continent that has been exposed to some of the best leadership training still struggle to produce good leaders who will serve the interests of those they lead?
  • What do we need to do to make a long impact on reducing and eventually eradicating corruption and bad governance on the continent?
  • Why does Africa continue to be ravaged by conflict and wars that stop us from coming into unity so that we can harness our collective economic strength to build the continent?

Africa – the continent with the potential to end systemic poverty

Africa has tremendous potential—it is home to more than 30 percent of the world’s mineral reserves and natural resources. Much of its natural resources are undiscovered or barely harnessed. Africa also holds the biggest arable agricultural land and hence has the potential to feed not only itself but the entire world.

Properly managed, these endowments offer unparalleled opportunity for economic growth and development. We strongly believe that if all of this is stewarded well Africa can be transformed from the poorest continent to one that provides the world with what is needed to end global systemic poverty.

The tremendous potential that lies in Africa can only be ‘extracted’ by intentionally transforming the ‘rejection/exclusion based mind-set’ that is prevailing on the continent into an ‘inclusive based mind-set’ and dealing with the 3 biggest constraints that are blocking this potential

  • Generational Conflict (racial, tribal & ethnic)
  • Poor Leadership & Governance
  • Old Economic models that don’t serve the best interests of the continent

‘Transformation’ of the mind-set and addressing the 3 interlinked constraints form the foundation of what we offer our partners. It is time to Co-Create value in Africa.