Patrick Kuwana

Patrick is the founder of Crossover Transformation Group – an organization focused on offering Value Co-Creation services, a field of expertise focused on accelerating business and economic growth by putting together new Cultural Intelligence based relational and transactional economic structures that are constructed by uniting the uniqueness and diversity of thinking from participating stakeholders.

He is involved in leadership and entrepreneurship development in Africa and Asia.

He is also part of the Transformational Leadership team at USA based FSH Group – where he serves as a Transformational Leadership Trainer and is also a strategic business and leadership consultant and coach.

Patrick’s passion is in developing and working with leaders and organizations that are committed to unlocking the vast economic potential of Africa while at the same time harnessing the inclusive intellectual and emotional intelligence of the different people groups in Africa so that new sustainable systems of inclusive wealth creation and prosperity can be created and established on the continent for the benefit of all Africans.

He has extensive experience in working in culturally and racially diverse environments both locally and internationally and possesses a unique gift in vision casting and drawing diverse people into jointly developing a platform of trust and unity that enables greater levels of success in deal making, project implementation or strategy development and execution.

Prior to starting Crossover Transformation Patrick led a successful corporate career in the IT industry.He started his career as a computer technician moving through the ranks to eventually hold senior executive positions including, District Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard, Strategic Sales Director at Oracle Corporation and Sales Director at Computer Science Corporation.

In 2005 he left the corporate environment and co-founded Umliba Investment Corporation – a South Africa based specialist information and media focused investment holding company.Through this company he set up a joint venture company called PA Sport South Africa (a leading sports information provider) together with London based Press Association Group.

In 2008 he further co-founded Livemobile – a mobile media and services company which became the first African organisation to win a Global Mobile Marketing Award for innovation in sports based mobile marketing.

Patrick exited this side of business to start Crossover Transformation in 2011.