Obert Mandimutsira

Obert has 23 years’ work experience in the corporate and public sector in the areas of general management, marketing, sales, branding, public relations, communications, events management, media relations and mentoring.

He has held senior leadership positions in companies like Mondi Fine Paper, Chevron and Caltex, and has had work experience in diverse Southern African markets.

He sees his life purpose as one of helping to build people and institutions for success and enduring significance.

He believes that every person has the capacity to be better tomorrow than today.He is the founder of MS2C Biz together with his wife, Lilly.

The primary focus of MS2C Biz is to partner with businesses to achieve their goals by improving and enhancing leadership development, building empowering relationships, marketing and sales growth.Obert’s highest educational qualification is an MBA.

He has also attained various management and business coaching qualifications through UNISA, the Graduate School of Marketing IMM and UCT.Obert is a certified leadership development and transformation facilitator.

A member of the Durban Chamber of Industries, Obert is also an active member of the Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa COMENSA and Business Network International (BNI).