Jaco & Linda Jacobs



Jaco & Linda Jacobs work as a team and focus on  talking leaders and families on Transformational Leadership Hikes mainly in the  Himalayan trials in Nepal and the Tour  de Mont Blanc which passes through France, Italy  and Switzerland. These TL Hikes provide an amazing experiential proposition for  corporate and government executive leadership teams to go through 7 to 10 days  of team building in ‘challenging’ circumstances and be empowered with practical  leadership skills to use both on the hike and also back in their  organisations.
Jaco is a veterinarian and has owned an animal hospital  and health centre since 1987 which he uses as a platform to improve the life of  the people and their pets and various other businesses. He has also led various  Men’s and Business Ministries for the last 10 years and started the NPO Shalom  To’ren spreading “good” news and changing mind sets. Linda has a PhD in  Chemistry and Bachelor in Theology. She has experience as a lecturer for 14  years and part of business, encouragement and prayer ministries with experience  in finances, bookkeeping, business and many other fields.