‘Collaborative Co-Creation Organisational Culture’
Executive Workshops

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) lists that the three most important skills necessary to thrive in the 4th industrial revolution are –

  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity

In such a diverse country like South Africa a critical element required to unlock these skills is to build Co-Creation Thinking Platforms in organisations that will bring the diversity and uniqueness of individual thinking together to contribute towards an ‘inclusive’ cultural environment that will lead to the generation of ideas, innovation and creativity.

The ‘Inclusive Co-Creation Organisational Culture Executive Workshops’ focus on how to establish Co-Creation Thinking Platforms that will ensure that teams and organisations will –

  • establish an ‘inclusive’ based cultural environment that will foster trust and unity and hence maximize collective problem solving, critical thinking and creativity potential
  • maximize the available intellectual capital of all stakeholders
  • harness people group diversity for strategy execution and competitive advantage

From Vision Casting to Organisational Cultural Transformation

The workshops can be delivered as short ‘vision casting’ sessions to company boards of directors and executive leadership teams, or full 1 to 3 day cultural transformational engagements for the staff in organisations.

The online virtual interactive delivery platform is an option that allows for the cultural transformation equipping process to be delivered to an entire workforce in a fast and seamless manner.

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