Gert Roberts

After his studies in Theology and Psychology (Honours) at the University of Stellenbosch, Gert worked as a minister in three local churches for 14 years.

During this time he was involved in the equipping, mentoring and developing of leaders within the churches.

He was also leading many strategic transformation processes within the churches he served.

Gert has been working in the Non-Profit environment since 2001 and has wide experience in development, strategic processes and leadership levels of Non-profit Companies and of Small and Medium Enterprises since 2010.

He was involved with several cross-cultural transformation processes in churches, organisations and communities.

Gert is a qualified Business and Life Coach and also Strengths Performance Coach since 2009. Since then he coached several leaders and teams in business and non-profits companies in strategic processes.

He has a passion for cultural change in organisations and businesses. His strengths lies in the strategic guidance of people – especially leaders and teams – towards future focused outcomes and achievement in business and life.

He is skilled in helping people seeing the big picture and integrating personal development and empowerment with strategic processes.